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SHARPS DS2 is part of Strategic Health IT Advanced Research Projects on Security (SHARPS), directed by Carl A. Gunter. DS2 involved a collaboration between SHARPS researchers, the Illinois Office of Health Information Technology (OHIT), and HLN Consulting, LLC, a health information technology consulting company. 

The SHARPS DS2 team included: Bernie A’cs, Noam Arzt, Mike Berry, Vincent Bindschadler, Ellick Chan, Daryl Chertcoff, Mark Chudzinski, Alexander Danel, Mario Felarca, Martin French, Carl A. Gunter, Sid Gupta, Ivan Handler, Jason Jacobs, Jean Kirupaharan, John Lekich, Maiko Minami, Antonios Michalos, Muhammad Naveed, Sam Nicolary, Seeun Oh, Sireesha Perepu, Thomas Redman, Tom Schultz, Pete Sfiridis, David Stumpf, and Ting Wu. Many others involved in SHARPS participated and contributed to DS2. 

Software development of the prototype was led by HLN Consulting in close collaboration with the other members of the DS2 team.

Though the DS2 project has ended, many of the team members continue to be involved with the software and with speaking and writing about it.  We encourage interested parties to learn more and get involved by contacting us


This work was supported by HHS 90TR0003-01 (SHARPS) and the Illinois Office of Health Information Technology (OHIT). Please note that the views expressed in DS2 content are those of the individual contributors only.



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